Boundless Dry Herb Vapes - How-To

How do I turn on my device?
All Boundless devices have a 5 click power on functionality. This is a safety feature designed to prevent the unit from accidentally turning on.

How fine should I grind my herb?
A medium to fine grind is preferred. This is a good starting point as some users prefer finely ground material while others do not grind at all. 
How much material should I load into the chamber?
For a personal session, 0.1 - 0.2 of a gram is a good start for those not familiar or who are light users. Heavy users generally consume more; we recommend loading no more than 0.5 of a gram into any of the Boundless units at one time. This could restrict airflow and lead to an unpleasant experience. 
What is the best way to keep my Boundless unit clean?
After consuming herb always empty the chamber right after use. This allows the herb to fall right out of the chamber and prevents any resin from cooling down and sticking to the chamber.
Can I use isopropyl alcohol to clean my Boundless unit?
Isopropyl alcohol and alcohol wipes are recommended to be used on the unit's mouthpieces but not on the exterior body of the unit. This may cause damage to the outer coating of the device. Be advised to only soak mouthpiece tips in isopropyl alcohol for no more than 15 minutes; always rinse then set to dry after.

 *Mouthpieces can be further disassembled and soaked in hot/warm water. It is recommended to run a session without any material as this will burn off any residuals from the alcohol.


How do I know what temperature to use?

The choice of temperature is completely up to you however, the general rule of thumb: lower temperatures are used to pick up on terpene profiles and the higher the temperature the more cloud production visible. We recommend starting off at 375 F and working your way to your perfected setting. 


My unit does not heat up?

Some of the newer units, such as the Tera and CFC 2.0, do not automatically heat up and require a 3-second hold down of the power button.


What materials are these products made from?

Boundless Technology products are manufactured using food and medical grade materials. The raw materials used are tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality and safety for consumption.


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