Puffco Plus - Troubleshooting & Cleaning

How Do I Clean My Puffco Plus?

For general cleaning, warm the chamber by entering Sesh Mode for one cycle. Unscrew the mouthpiece. Use a tightly wound cotton swab to remove remaining byproduct in the chamber and on the Dart. Wipe threading. Repeat if necessary.

It is normal for the bottom of your Plus chamber to blacken or darken over time, just as a ceramic nail typically would after some use. This should not in any way affect the overall performance of the chamber itself.

The mouthpiece, battery and threading can be cleaned by wiping with a cotton swab dipped in ISO. Do not soak any gunmetal parts of the Puffco Plus in rubbing alcohol.


How Often Should I Clean My Puffco Plus?

We recommend cleaning your Plus with the included instructions every few uses to prevent any build up in the vapor path.

If you are a heavy Puffco user, be sure to clean the threading and connection pins of your unit with a cotton swab dipped in ISO somewhat regularly to avoid any contacts from getting sticky. 


How Do I Clean My Dart?

The dart is held into the mouthpiece by a small black silicone grommet making it removable, for easy cleaning. 

Be fairly gentle as the dart itself is made of ceramic. To remove the dart you can push it out of the mouthpiece by pushing through the top of the mouthpiece with a cotton swab.

The dart itself can be cleaned using ISO, though you should not soak any gunmetal parts of the unit in any alcohol based cleaning solutions.


My Chamber Is Not Heating, What Do I Do?

If the battery is functioning as intended and your chamber won't heat you may be experiencing a connection issue.

In this case we always recommend cleaning the gold connection pins located on the top of the battery and the underside of the chamber. This can be done with a cotton swab dipped in ISO and will help alleviate any connection issues occurring between the atomizer and battery. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can prevent the pen from functioning at its full potential.


My Battery Light Just Flashes When I Try To Use It, What Should I Do?

This is usually the result of a connection issue. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can cause a bad connection which stops the pen from working at it's full potential. 

To start, we recommend that you try cleaning the gold connection pins between the battery and atomizer to alleviate any connection issues that may be occurring between the two.

This can be done with the wipe of a cotton swab dipped in ISO.

You should also make sure the connection between the battery and charger is just as clean so that the battery can fully charge.


My Chamber Is Clogged, How Do I Fix It?

Although unlikely, with extended use it is possible for clogging in the chamber to occur. Please also keep in mind a variety of substances, consistencies, and flavors of essential oils can be used in the pen, as long as they are not overly runny, sappy or in liquid form.

To alleviate clogs you can unscrew the mouthpiece and hold the pen upside down over a paper towel or hold the pen upside down using your Prism, initiate Sesh Mode for a cycle or two allowing any bi product to drip out of the holes in chamber.

You may have to repeat this process a few times depending on how heavy of a clog you've experienced. If this is the case, let the pen cool every 2-3 Sesh Mode cycles as the pen will get warm!


My Atomizer Has Been Leaking Product Through To The Battery, How Do I Prevent This?

The Plus was designed for efficiency and strength, so stick to smaller loads (.2g/.3g) at a time and refill per use for the optimal experience.

Also, keep the pen vertical especially when warm - There are small holes on the walls of your chamber that help promote airflow throughout, however if the contents inside the chamber are hot they may leak through these holes if the pen is not held upright.

The battery and threading can be cleaned of any leaked product using a paper towel or cotton swab dipped in ISO. That should help alleviate any sticky mess and should not affect the performance of the battery itself.

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