Hydrology9 Troubleshooting

Airflow feels restricted. Is there anything I can do to improve the airflow?

If Airflow was not an issue in the beginning but became an issue after continuous use, it is due to the build-up of residues near the chamber.  It is often due to build-up located in the interior air intake or the rotating stir base.  Only those 2 areas come within direct contact with the vaporized substance so that is often the source of the problem.  Fortunately, those areas are easily accessible and do not require disassembly.  Please refer to the procedures below for a quick tune-up of your airflow.



There is no LED response OR There is an LED response, but the heater is inactive.

If there is no LED response after pressing the operational button 3 times as per startup instruction then the device is out of power.  Please try to charge as the most basic resolution, but we are sure you already tried that.

If the device does have light flashes during charge but looses power immediately after disconnecting from the power source then it means the battery can no longer hold any power. 

This happens either because of a defective battery or the operational button was press and held inadvertently by outside force for a long period of time.  This is very rare but could cause the battery to be completely drained.


Some water is leaking from the bottom edge of the glass. How can I prevent this?

Make sure to tighten the mouthpiece assembly enough to close off any gaps between the silicone gasket and the glass.  Keep an eye out for leaks while filling, and carefully tighten as necessary if leaking occurs.


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