Hydrology9 How-To

How much water should I use?

You can fill the water chamber between 40% - 70% for use. Overfilling the water chamber can cause "blowback" and water can get through the mouthpiece, and under-filling may result in higher initial resistance. We recommend trying different levels and finding the amount most suitable for your preference.

How densely should I pack the heating chamber?

You can pack the heating chamber with a significant amount of herb, but we suggest keeping a little bit of wiggle room so the stir stick can work more effectively.

How long does the Hydrology9 take to heat up?

The first use should take up to 60 seconds to heat up. Consecutive sessions should take 30 seconds or less to reach temperature.

How long does a session last?

The heater will maintain temperature ("session") for two minutes- as indicated by the solid green LEDs. When the heater stops, standby mode is indicated by the light blue LEDs. You can start heating the chamber again at any point during or after standby mode.

How long can a charge last?

A charge typically lasts up to 12-15 sessions, depending on temperature. Please refer to the "General Use" video to see how to check the battery level.

How should I clean the glass?

A microfiber cloth works well. Additionally, a nice helping of water and soap goes a long way (just make sure to dry the glass well). We suggest keeping the Hydrology9 dry and clear of herb when not in use. If you want to be extra safe regarding residue and buildup, we suggest storing the Hydrology9 separate from the glass- perhaps even using the box to store the glass- to keep the water tunnel clear and dry. Please see our disassembly video for more details.

Can I manually replace the battery?

No, due to the necessity of the waterproof design, it is imperative that the seal remains untouched. If you experience issues with your battery, please contact Cloudious9 Support immediately.

What are the materials used in the Hydrology9?

A ceramic heating chamber and airpath, heat-resistant silicone rings, stainless steel in some areas, and aluminum alloy body and borosilicate glass mouthpiece and tube.

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