Sezzle - Shop Now, Pay Later.

The Basics

What is Sezzle?
Sezzle is a payment solution that enables you to “Shop Now and Pay Later” with simple interest-free installment plans. We break down purchases into four smaller payments spread over six weeks. 25% is due at the time of the transaction, with the remaining 75% due across three easy payments scheduled every two weeks.

When you complete a purchase with Sezzle, the merchant ships your product immediately. You get to enjoy the item before you finish paying for it!

Sezzle automates the repayments from your bank account on file. Shoppers always have the option of paying off their purchase early by signing into their User Dashboard.


Who can use Sezzle?
To use Sezzle, you must:
Be 18 years or older (19 years or older in Alabama or if you’re a ward of the state in Nebraska)
Have a valid U.S. mobile number and email address
Have an active U.S. bank account
We don’t check your credit via traditional means, which means there is no "hard credit" check that will ding your credit score.


How do I sign up?
There are two ways to sign up for Sezzle:

1. Create a Sezzle account in just a few steps by clicking here.

2. Select Sezzle as your payment method while checking out with any Sezzle online merchant partner. You can see a list of their participating merchant partners by visiting their Store Directory.

Sezzle says the payments are interest-free. What’s the catch?

No catch. Sezzle is completely interest-free for shoppers. We pay Sezzle a fee for each transaction so that they can help you Shop Now and Pay Later.

The only fees you could potentially incur are failed payment fees and late payment fees. If your scheduled payment fails to process, you will be charged a $10 failed payment fee. They do their best to prevent this from happening by sending email and text reminders.

Rescheduled payments will incur a $5 late payment fee.


Does Sezzle perform a credit check?
They do not perform credit checks. They don’t believe traditional credit scores are an accurate predictor of your ability to repay them, and they want to avoid negatively impacting your credit score.


Does Sezzle report to credit bureaus?

Not yet. They will be exploring this option in our future, but they currently don't report.


What is the checkout process like with Sezzle?


Checkout is fast and easy! Simply select Sezzle at checkout, and either log back in or create the account and add a payment method. They provide a secure checkout by sending a one time-password to your phone, so please make sure your phone is nearby! They're system will then look at the order and make a decision on whether or not they’re able to approve you. If approved, you’ll see a breakdown of how much is due upfront, as well as when future payments will be due and the amount due. Proceed through the rest of the process, and you’re good to go!

This process typically takes less than two minutes for new customers, and just a couple of seconds for returning customers!

You’ll receive confirmation through your email, and you can always log in to your Sezzle dashboard to check on the payment amounts and due dates.

If you have questions about your order after checkout, like changing a quantity or when your item will ship, please reach out to the merchant directly.


Why was my purchase with Sezzle not approved?
While we strive to offer all applicants an installment plan with Sezzle, they simply aren’t able to approve every application. If they aren’t able to approve your application, they will immediately notify you of their decision.


Is Sezzle secure?
They believe security is critically important. They undergo quarterly audits for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to ensure that your data is safely stored in their systems. They are currently certified up to PCI DSS Level 4.


Managing Your Account

How do I change my mobile phone number?
Your mobile number is essentially the username for your account. If you end up changing mobile phone numbers, please contact Sezzle directly at 651-504-5402 so that they can verify the change and update your account.


How do I change my payment options?
They will email and text you before any payments are due to help ensure you’re set up to make your payment. If you need to update your bank account for an order, log in to the User Dashboard, click on the order, and then click "Change Order Payment Method".


How do I close my account?
Simply log into your account at and navigate to your profile. There you will see the option to close your account.


How do I change my email address?
They allow you to change your email address in your customer dashboard. Simply log into your account and navigate to your profile. There you will see your current email on file. They allow you to update this email address, but you must verify ownership of the email address to complete the change.


How do you secure my account?
When a shopper creates an account with Sezzle, they go through rigorous steps to ensure your security. They send verification codes to your phone and email address to ensure your ownership and possession of those accounts. You must also add a PIN to your account as an added measure of security. Security experts call this “2-factor” or “Multi Factor Authentication,” and it is an industry best practice.

When you shop using Sezzle, they can recognize the device you’re using by leveraging cookies and other technologies. If they see you shopping with a recognized device, they simplify their security by only asking for your PIN. If you are using a new device, they'll text you to ensure you’re the one doing the shopping. Simple and secure.


I’ve forgotten my PIN. How do I reset it?
Sezzles' sign-in forms all have a link to reset your PIN. To start the reset process they text the mobile phone number you have on file. Once you receive the verification code and enter it, they ask you to sign into the bank account you have on file with them.

If these steps are problematic, please contact Sezzle directly at 651-504-5402 and they can walk you through an alternate identification process.


Managing Your Sezzle Orders

My order hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

If you believe your order should have already arrived, you will need to contact us directly. Sezzle does not handle shipping or order fulfillment, nor do they have any role in the delivery process.

Additionally, Sezzle is not able to adjust or change the order once it has completed. All changes must be handled directly through us. Our contact information will be included in your emailed Sezzle purchase receipt, or you can simply visit our store at and find our phone number and email at the bottom of the landing page.

We ask that you allow us 24 to 48 hours to respond to your messages. We try to respond to our customers as quickly as possible.

The merchant was unable to fulfill my order, what now?

In some cases, like an ‘out-of-stock’ order, we might be unable to send your order. If this is the case, we will notify you directly and refund the purchase through Sezzle.

Sezzle will be notified by us and will take care of any refunds owed back to you. They will also end the installment plan for this purchase, so the changes are reflected properly in your Sezzle account.


Returns and Refunds

My order never arrived, or it arrived damaged or defective. What now?
For issues with your Sezzle account, please contact them directly at (888)-540-1867. Sezzle does give you the option to raise a dispute via your Sezzle customer dashboard. This dispute system currently serves as a communication channel between you and us. At this time, however, Sezzle does not participate in the dispute resolution process.

If we do have to refund all or a portion of your purchase, we will notify Sezzle, and Sezzle will return the necessary funds to you or reduce future installment payments.

For any issues, questions, or concerns with your return please contact us at Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to reply to your communications.


I returned the goods, but I’m still being charged. How do I fix this?
Before Sezzle can make updates to your installment schedule, they have to be notified by us that the refund has been accepted.

All payments made to Sezzle will be refunded to you as soon as they are notified that we have received the returned item(s).

To determine the status of your return, please contact us directly.

Once the refund is processed by us and we have notified Sezzle, the changes to your installment plan are automatically applied, including any refunds due to you.


I returned part of my order/I received a partial refund. What happens now?
Returns are always subject to our return policy and Sezzle has no impact or influence on the return or refund decision. In some cases, we may allow a partial return or refund. In those cases we handle the changes in the following manner:

The first step is Sezzle waiting for a notification from us. As soon as we accept the partial refund or return and have notified Sezzle of the change, they take care of the rest.

All partial refunds are applied to the installments furthest in the future, first. If the refunded amount is greater than the amount of the purchase that is outstanding, Sezzle will apply a refund to the method used to pay the installments. Please allow up to five (5) business days for your refund to appear on your statement.

If the refund amount is less than the amount outstanding, Sezzle will remove or reduce your future installments. For example, let’s say you make a $200 Sezzle purchase (i.e. 4 installments of $50). You have three (3) installments remaining, and you received a $70 refund. They’ll remove your 4th installment and reduce your 3rd installment by $20 (now $30).

Your new installment schedule would be a future $50 installment and a subsequent $30 installment, which would lead to a total payment amount of $130, matching your purchase minus the partial refund.

Please note that you are liable for all installments until Sezzle receives notice from us of the partial refund.


I got a refund, but I haven't received my money?
Sezzle does their best to return your funds to you in a timely manner and in many cases your money will be returned to your account in 1-3 business days. However, depending on your payment method and other factors it may take up to 10 business days for the funds to reach your account. If you are concerned, send an email to and they will check on the status of your refund.



Can I pay off my purchase early?
Yes! Sezzle encourages shoppers to pay off their accounts early, if possible. If you'd like to pay off your purchase early, you can do so in your customer dashboard.


When do I make my first payment?
Your first 25% installment begins on the purchase date. This will be clearly communicated at the time of your purchase. Subsequent payments will occur every two (2) weeks, and your repayment is complete after six (6) weeks.


Why have I been charged a failed payment fee?
If one of your automatic payment fails to complete, Sezzle will apply a $10 failure fee to the payment. The payment will be automatically retried later.

Sezzle will remind you before the payment is due with text and email alerts, and they will allow you to reschedule your payment. Please ensure that you reschedule your payment at least a day prior to the due date. The ability to reschedule your payment on the due date cannot be guaranteed due to variable processing times.

If you have more questions about failed payment fees or rescheduling your payment, please contact Sezzle directly at


Can I reschedule the payment date?
Yes. In Sezzle's reminder email, they allow you to reschedule payments. Rescheduling a payment will incur a $5 reschedule fee. Rescheduling a payment is limited to a date within the next 13 days. In order to guarantee your ability to reschedule your payment, you must reschedule your payment on the day prior to the payment date. The ability to reschedule your payment on the due date cannot be guaranteed due to variable processing times.


What happens if I don’t pay?
If you don’t pay, you’ll receive reminders from Sezzle, and you will be charged a late fee of $10. In the future, Sezzle may also report information about your repayment failure to credit bureaus. We encourage you to make your payments on time because missed payments can have a negative impact on your credit score and ability to use Sezzle in the future.

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