Do 420 Jars come with lids - what are they like?

Yes! Every jar we sell comes with a lid. And you can purchase replacement lids here.


The Classic Series of Pop Top 420 Jars have a glass lid with a plastic gasket ring to seal in the freshness.

Clear and Amber Screw Top line of jars feature a black screw-top lid that provides an equally tight seal.

Wide Mouth Jars come with a lid we designed ourselves! It’s food-grade silicone which offers double-wall protection to ensure maximum freshness.

The UV Jars are fitted with a black screw top lid.

Concentrate Jars also feature a black screw top lid.

The Tincture Dropper lids have a glass pipette that reaches almost to the bottom of the bottle.

The Latch Top Jars have a glass lid that hermetically seals onto the jar with the assistance of a rubber gasket.

Our 1.5 and 2.5 Gallon Jars feature a brushed metal lid with a gasket seal.

And finally, our 1 liter UV Jar has a glass on glass lid.

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